Knowledge Exchange Centre

The Knowledge Exchange Centre (KEC) fulfills a crucial role in the MHCC’s mandate to help transform the mental health care system. As Canada's only national mental health knowledge exchange centre, it provides support in central Commission areas. This includes the research of reports, dissemination of Commission messages to the public using webinars, conferences, and our website and social media channels, and sparking connections in the mental health community.

The KEC recently released its Interim Report with highlights on its involvement in MHCC’s key projects and priority program areas.

Driving change using knowledge exchange
Built around the concept of innovation—developing new actions, services and relationships with the potential to improve mental health outcomes—Innovation to Implementation (I2I) is a practical, step-by-step guide for creating an effective knowledge exchange plan. It highlights the importance of using a wide range of perspectives so that knowledge can be jointly identified, created and applied.

The knowledge connection
The KEC is guided by three directions—synthesizing knowledge, facilitating knowledge exchange and building the capacity for people to work together:

  • Synthesize Knowledge
    Research, synthesize and evaluate available evidence to integrate and leverage evidence-based knowledge, best and promising practices, and innovations in mental health.
  • Facilitate Knowledge Exchange
    Develop and implement mechanisms and tools to facilitate sharing of resources, evidence-based knowledge, best and promising practices, and innovations in mental health.
  • Build Capacity
    Provide expertise and training to improve the capacity of mental health stakeholders to adopt knowledge exchange practices.

The KEC has contributed to the following projects spanning the breadth of MHCC’s work:

  • SPARK Training Workshop
    Improving the capacity for implementing effective knowledge exchange practices in the field of mental health, substance use and addictions.
  • Knowledge Exchange Mental Health Awards Program
    In celebration of the MHCC’s fifth anniversary in 2012, these awards recognized programs, projects and initiatives that are having a profound influence on Canada’s mental health system.
  • Informing the Future Project
    An 18-month MHCC initiative to produce and report on key performance indicators that will stimulate, promote, and strengthen efforts to improve the mental health system in Canada