Free Monthly Webinars on Workplace Mental Health Promotion



Do you want to integrate psychological health and safety (PH&S) in the workplace? The Mental Health Commission of Canada (MHCC) is hosting workplace webinars on the last Wednesday of every month at noon E.T. Sign up today for this series of free webinars designed specifically to discuss PH&S in the workplace.



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“ I have worked in training and education through online learning environments for the past 15 years. Given my background, I would like to offer comments regarding your recent webinar on implementing PH&S in the workplace. I found your presentation format extremely interactive and interesting. You were very effective in incorporating many of the elements required to truly engage learners in an online format. Your guest speakers were extremely prepared and brought forth insightful and relevant information on how to bring forward these initiatives. Having guest speakers from industry relating their experiences on implementing PHS was useful in better understanding the implementation process and the benefits. These are extremely professional and I hope, very well-received presentations. I know I personally gained a great deal of information and insight from attending!”

Susan Sawatzky
In-Scope Solutions