National Standard of Canada for Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace (Standard)

Championed by the Mental Health Commission of Canada (MHCC), and developed by the Canadian Standards Association (CSA Group) and the Bureau de normalisation du Québec, the Standard is a voluntary set of guidelines, tools and resources focused on promoting employees’ psychological health and preventing psychological harm due to workplace factors.

Launched in January 2013, the Standard is first of its kind in the world and has already garnered much attention and uptake from coast to coast, internationally, and across all sectors and sizes, as leaders champion the need to focus on psychological health and safety in the workplace.

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Assembling the Pieces: An Implementation Guide to the National Standard for Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace

Created in partnership with the CSA Group, this guide is designed to meet the needs of organizations seeking a step-by-step implementation resource for the Standard. It is geared toward senior leaders, human resource managers, and occupational health and safety professionals, offering a roadmap to implementation of the Standard through four key steps: Building the Foundation, Identifying Opportunities, Setting Objectives, and Implementation.



Simply Good Business

Mental health in the workplace is an issue that impacts all workplaces and can no longer be ignored. Keeping the workforce healthy and productive is simply smart business and good for the bottom line.

Adopting the Standard Can Help Your Organization With:

  • Productivity
  • Financial performance
  • Risk management
  • Organizational recruitment
  • Employee retention
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The Standard does not discount the value of the work that organizations are already undertaking to guard the psychological health and safety of their employees, but instead provides a comprehensive framework within which to direct current and future efforts that provide the best return on investment.




Video Testimonials

Learn how champion organizations are promoting workplace wellness and improving psychological health and safety in their workplace.


Available Resources

Free resources

Other resources

  • Train employees in Mental Health First Aid so they can recognize emerging mental health problems or crises in themselves and their colleagues, and provide initial help. MHFA and the Standard fact sheet
  • Learn more about how your organization can be awarded for excellence in the area of mental health  with the Mental Health at Work award from Excellence Canada 
  • Get help with your Workplace Mental Health Action Plan
  • NEW! The Standard resonates with public and private organizations, largely because the Standard aligns well with many already existing values and practices in the workplace. Learn more about what some Canadian employers have to say about psychological health and safety in the workplace, in a study funded by the Mathison Centre for Mental Health Research & Education, Hotchkiss Brain Institute and University of Calgary.

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