Past presentations

April 27, 2016 - Webinar #28, Don’t isolate those working in isolation

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Description: Companies of all shapes and sizes can have employees who feel isolated, needing more support from employers

Workplaces, no matter the size or industry, have a key role to play in promoting and supporting the well-being of its employees.  But what happens when the workplace is not clearly defined within four office walls or filled with a team? What happens when employees are working on their own in isolation?

The trucking industry, where the boundaries of a typical workplace don’t apply, is one of many sectors that faces such challenges. Typical conditions for transport drivers put them at greater risk of and increased exposure to psychological harm without the proper supports to prevent or address it. Trucking HR Canada outlines the issues and challenges faced by truck drivers while being on the road, as well as strategies to address to promote and protect the mental health of those working in isolation.

Guest Speaker:

Kim MacLaren,
Project Manager, Trucking HR Canada

March 30, 2016 - Webinar #27, Mentally Healthy Workplaces in the Legal Sector

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Description: Hear from lawyers championing the promotion and protection of mental health in the workplace.

Lawyers and other professionals in the legal sector are often at greater risk for mental health problems, including depression, anxiety, addiction, and suicide.

Learn about a new groundbreaking online program, Mental Health and Wellness in the Legal Profession. It gives lawyers, judges, and law students information about mental health and addiction issues, their causes and symptoms, as well as treatment options. This program increases awareness around the importance of mental health.

Guest Speaker:

Karen KH Bell
Senior Director, Professional & Client Education McCarthy Tétrault LLP

Kenneth J Fredeen
General Counsel and Secretary to the Board Deloitte

February 24, 2016 - Webinar #26, Understanding, Managing, and Preventing Workplace Bullying

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Description: Bullying behaviour can have an impact on fellow employees and the organization as a whole. You will learn specific, integrated, and easy‐to‐implement strategies that address the root causes of workplace bullying. Using these strategies will help create a more respectful, productive, and psychologically healthy work culture.

Guest Speaker: Donna Marshall, M.A., Counselling Psychology, Co-Founder and CEO, BizLife Solutions

January 27, 2016 - Webinar #25, Accommodations that Support Success at Work Working towards Wellness: The Royal Canadian Mounted Police program, Division C- (QC)

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Description: Employers are increasingly concerned about the mental health problems of their employees. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), whose employees are exposed to highly stressful situations in the course of their duties, decided to take action by making a commitment to its employees’ health. More specifically, senior management of Division C (Quebec) has proudly promoted the “Working towards Wellness” program since 2009. Furthermore, in August 2012, Division C received the Healthy Enterprise – Elite certification and, since 2014, has implemented the voluntary National Standard of Canada for Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace.

During this Webinar, the RCMP will share its best practices and success story to inspire employers from every quarter to take action!

Guest Speaker: Julie Brongel, Sgt., Workplace Health and Wellness Program Coordinator, The Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Division C- (QC)

November 25, 2015 - Webinar #24, Building Workplace Resiliency

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Description: Resilient individuals are able to adapt quickly and deal with a variety of difficult situations in a calm and rational manner. This is an increasingly important concept in today’s workplace because building and maintaining the mental resiliency of a workforce yields a more productive and successful workplace environment.

Hear from Karen Seward at SCM Health Solutions on resiliency and other strategies for improving workplace mental health.

Guest Speaker: Karen Seward, President, SCM Health Solutions