Mental health and wellness for all.


To raise awareness of the mental health and wellness needs of Canadians, and to catalyze collaborative solutions to mental health system challenges.


The guiding principles to which we aspire at the MHCC are embodied by our staff and embraced by our leadership. They are also reflective of the culture we wish to foster within the MHCC and in the mental health community.

The MHCC’s 2017-2022 Strategic Plan is an ambitious and welcoming call to action. Led and approved by the MHCC Board of Directors, all future work will contribute to the fulfillment of this plan. While it outlines focused priorities, it also allows for broad interpretation of how these goals can be achieved.

  • Champion ambitious, courageous, and progressive ideas;
  • Embrace the principles of recovery;
  • Be co-creators and collaborators;
  • Integrate the voices of people with lived experience, families and caregivers into all the work we do;
  • Promote and celebrate equity, diversity, and inclusion;
  • Encourage and develop leaders;
  • Seek and share new approaches in the spirit of continuous improvement;
  • Be passionate in our work; and,
  • Celebrate the contributions of others.

The plan is a roadmap for transformational change and over the next five years this plan will serve as a guide while working together with our partners to bring about even greater transformational change in Canada. It also highlights national priorities around this pressing societal issue.


Strategic Objectives and Priorities

Our strategic objectives are foundational to our work, frame our priorities, and focus our efforts.Each is underpinned by key priorities that outline how we can best achieve our goals.


Strategic Objective 1

Leadership, Partnership, and Capacity Building

  • Increasing the effectiveness of Canada's mental health system by convening stakeholders, developing and influencing sound public policy, and inspiring collective action.



Strategic Objective 2

Promotion and Advancing of The Mental Health Strategy for Canada

  • Encouraging actions that advance the Strategy.



Strategic Objective 3

Knowledge Mobilization

  • Developing and sharing effective and innovative knowledge.


To deliver on this far-reaching Strategic Plan, the MHCC will build strong external partnerships and exceptional internal leadership to maximize the reach and impact of our efforts.

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