Ottawa, Ontario — The Mental Health Commission of Canada (MHCC) supports the findings in Ontario Information and Privacy Commissioner Dr. Ann Cavoukian’s special investigation “Crossing the Line: Indiscriminate Disclosure of Attempted Suicide Information to U.S. Border Officials via CPIC.”

The MHCC, along with other key members of the mental health community in Canada, was consulted as part of the investigation and agrees with the report findings that the disclosure of police encounters with individuals who have attempted or threatened suicide is highly problematic and should only occur in very exceptional circumstances.  Health information is deeply personal, and we are pleased that the commissioner recognizes that the current practice of disclosure to CPIC by some police departments can create a deterrent to help-seeking.

We look forward to the response from Ontario Police Services. Adoption of the report recommendations would be an important step towards the implementation of Canada’s Mental Health Strategy and improving police interactions with people with mental health problems or illness. 

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