Montréal, QC – The Mental Health Commission of Canada commends the Québec government and all the partners who participated in the preparation of the recently released Inter-Ministerial Action Plan on Homelessness 2015-2020. The Action Plan was released on Sunday by the Hon. Lucie Charlebois, the Québec Minister for Rehabilitation, Youth Protection and Public Health.

“This Action Plan sets out more than thirty actions aimed specifically at supporting people to leave the streets. It also takes into consideration people as individuals with complex life experiences. As such, the Action Plan addresses issues affecting people from infancy, through to vulnerable adults and the elderly,” says Manon Charbonneau, psychiatrist at CSSS Sept-Iles and a member of the Board of the Mental Health Commission of Canada.

The Commission also applauds the government for the integration of the Housing First approach into the Action Plan. “Housing First has been recognized nationally and internationally as an approach that provides hope to those in need, increases housing stability, is economically sound, and it is based on research and recovery-oriented practices and principles,” added Dr. Charbonneau.

Minister Charlebois’ announcement of an additional $4.6 million investment for the Action Plan is be welcome addition to the alleviation of homelessness. In addition, the Minister announced a further sum of $2.1 million to support training. “The biggest challenge, once the strategy and action plan are complete, is to accelerate change on the ground. This investment in training is very positive,” said Mental Health Commission of Canada Board member Dr. François Borgeat, a psychiatrist at the Institut universitaire en santé mentale de Montréal.

The Interministerial Action Plan on Homelessness stems from the Politique nationale de lutte à l’itinérance, published in February 2014.

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