The Caring for the Paramedic Community - Assessment Tools are the only assessment tools available to evaluate the 13 psychosocial factors and the two additional factors that are unique to paramedic service organizations (PSO). Given the multidisciplinary nature of the paramedic workforce, these tools and resources better equip paramedic service organizations to appropriately measure factors that affect psychological health and safety of paramedic service personnel.

Two tools were developed as part of this initiative:

  • Organizational Review of Paramedic Organizations: An organizational self-assessment tool that is designed to determine the status and progress of your PSO in creating and sustaining a psychologically healthy and safe workplace.
  • Psychosocial Survey of Paramedic Organizations: A brief, voluntary, confidential, on-line survey asking workers in a PSO to provide their perspective on the fifteen psychosocial factors, as identified within the Standard, within their particular workplace.

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