GET LOUD for the 65th annual
Mental Health Week

This year marks the 65th annual Mental Health Week, championed by the Canadian Mental Health Association, and supported by the MHCC and mental health organizations across the country.

Organizers are asking Canadians to get involved by getting loud! The #GETLOUD slogan speaks to the importance of raising one’s voice to stop the discrimination and stigma that often accompany mental illness. It’s also a nod to the importance of raising awareness and building community support.

Each year, CMHA highlights the concerns and needs of a specific group. This year, the organization is taking a closer look at the mental health challenges faced by Canadian seniors.  The MHCC’s Mental Health Indicators for Canada show that fewer seniors than adults or youth rate their mental health as very good or excellent.

Seniors are one of the fastest growing demographics in Canada, and currently, one in four Canadian seniors is living with a mental health problem or illness. 

CMHA and the MHCC, as well as our many partners, are striving to send the message that treatment for mental health problems and illnesses is crucial, regardless of age. In short, it’s never too early, or too late, to seek help.

Activities will be held across the country, from May 2-8, in support of Mental Health Week, from seminars and readings, to plays and BBQ fundraisers. Check the CMHA website for a full list of events and activities in your area.

At the MHCC, staff will be marking Mental Health Week with creative and fun teambuilding events, to promote a mentally healthy workplace, and will of course #GETLOUD to support events in the National Capital Region.   

Visit Mental Health Week for more information and how you can GET LOUD.