COVID spurs need for fresh input to better serve people in Canada

The Mental Health Commission of Canada (MHCC) is always looking to improve the tools and resources we create to support front-line care providers, policy makers, and those who use mental health services. So, to help us build on the work we do to support people in Canada, we’re inviting you to respond to a short survey.

Your feedback is especially important this year because of the pandemic, which has challenged us to move outside our typical wheelhouse. While we usually create information and tools that support system-level change, the sudden need for credible, reliable mental health information gave us an unexpected new challenge.

When COVID hit, and people started to isolate at home, our followers on social media began sending us questions. Questions about media consumption and its impact on mental wellness, questions about how to listen effectively and with compassion, questions about how to navigate living in an abusive home. 

In response, with the support of our rich and varied network of experts, our newly created COVID-19 Resource Hub quickly began filling up with an array of tip sheets and other to tweet english

The Catalyst newsletter also became a vehicle for sharing practical mental health information, with articles ranging from how to hone one’s resiliency to expert advice on supporting the mental wellness of caregivers.

Our goal has been to provide relatable, thoughtful content to as many people as possible, reinforce the importance of help-seeking behaviours, and remind people that there are many ways to access free mental health supports. 

Because we benefit from the advice and input of grassroots stakeholders, who see different gaps and needs, we’d love to hear from you. Thank you in advance for responding to our survey.