Help Shape MHCC’s Next Strategic Plan

As an organization navigating an ever-changing mental health landscape, the Mental Health Commission of Canada (MHCC) is embarking on the development of a new strategic plan, and the input of our stakeholders and Catalyst readers is a crucial part of the process. We invite you to participate here.

“This is an exciting opportunity to revisit our role and make sure we continue to be a strong, relevant pan-Canadian voice for mental health over the next five, even ten years,” explained Michel Rodrigue, MHCC vice-president of organizational performance and public affairs, who is leading the project.

Rodrigue points out that it’s been nearly four years since the development the MHCC’s existing strategic plan, and a lot has changed. “At the geo-political level, we’ve seen a change in federal government, the legalization of cannabis and a $5 billion-dollar investment in mental health and addiction over the next ten years.”

He goes on to say that these seismic big picture shifts have been punctuated by changes at the organizational level, such as undergoing the pan-Canadian health organization review and a new mandate, with different priorities including substance use.

“We can’t risk getting complacent, to quote our late board chair, the Hon. Michael Wilson,” said Rodrigue. “This undertaking presents an opportunity to evaluate where and how we should be operating, and the principles, vision and mission that will guide our work.”

Building upon this, MHCC Board Chair Chuck Bruce shares: “We have a tremendous responsibility, and we take it very seriously. It’s not enough to think we know what our role should be, we need to hear it from the people whose lives we are striving to improve, whose advocacy we are aiming to amplify, and whose best-practices we pride ourselves on sharing.”

Your perspective is incredibly valuable. Please participate in the stakeholder survey by clicking here. Don’t wait, you have until September 29, 2019!