The former Science Advisory Committee provided the MHCC with expert advice on science-related mental health issues and helped ensure that research-based knowledge and evidence were incorporated throughout the planning of all MHCC initiatives. Focusing on understanding the causes of mental illness, the Committee consisted of leading scientific and mental health experts who were investigating the effects of medications, treatments and interventions.

Meeting Canada’s multicultural mental health needs
Recognizing the need to improve mental health service delivery to people from culturally and ethnically diverse backgrounds, the former Committee partnered with mental health organizations and service providers across Canada to develop the Multicultural Mental Health Resource Centre. Providing online resources such as clinical tools and policy information, the Resource Centre addresses issues like language, religion and culture to enhance the availability and quality of equitable mental health services.

In its continuing work for immigrants, refugees and Canada’s ethnocultural groups, the Resource Centre is currently developing several new resources to better serve the multicultural mental health community, including a training tool for healthcare providers.

Enhancing peer research
The Committee also supported the creation of a network to help ensure people who have lived experience with mental illness are actively involved in mental health and substance use research. The Consumer/Peer Research Network Development Project aimed to enhance the capacity of community and academic researchers across Canada by making it easier for them to work with each other on meaningful mental health research initiatives.