The Durham TAMI Coalition will provide the assembly model to schools that have participated in a summit and want to continue to increase awareness of mental illness and stigma in their school community. The week-long awareness program that the summit student ambassadors create includes an assembly. School-based activities surround an assembly which invites all students to participate in a contact-based educational session that includes a presentation on the mental health continuum, myths and stereotypes, prejudice and discrimination, and facts and truths. This report is based on data collected at a secondary school that has been involved in both the Durham Five Day In Class High School Program as well as the Durham Summit Model for the past 7 years. The assembly model was designed in cooperation with assembly students and staff members. The school targeted both Grade 9 and Grade 12; therefore, the data covers two separate assemblies, with both assemblies utilizing the same presenters. Students were administered the pre-test one week prior to the assembly and the post-test was administered two weeks after the assembly.