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Mindfulness in Action: Experience Less Stress, More Joy, Peak Performance

Description: From the Globe and Mail to the cover of Time magazine, mindfulness is everywhere and it’s not surprising – this ancient wisdom tradition is now proven by neuroscience to do everything from improve mental health to reduce stress and to enhance performance.  

But what is it and how does it benefit the workplace?

Dr. Geoff Soloway, a PhD in mindfulness and Co-Founder and Chief Training Officer at MindWell-U, will discuss the science of mindfulness, the evidence base behind it, and how and why it has progressed to the workplace.

Dr. Soloway has worked with a number of prestigious organizations in developing and implementing mindfulness and mental health strategies including WestJet, Coca-Cola, and the NBA. In this webinar, learn how UBC also benefited from MindWell’s work as Miranda Massie, health promotions coordinator from UBC  shares their experience of mindfulness training and how it had a positive impact in their workplace by building personal resiliency skills for their staff and faculty.

Guest Speaker:

Dr. Geoff Soloway, PhD
Co-Founder and Chief Training Officer

Miranda Massie
Health Promotions Coordinator
The University of British Columbia