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The Mental Health Commission of Canada (MHCC) was pleased to deliver mental health literacy training to the Liberal Party Caucus on Sunday. This follows similar training that was delivered to the Conservative Party Caucus last summer.

This latest session closely coincides with Bell Let’s Talk Day, further amplifying the campaign’s positive message to help end the stigma around mental health and wellness issues.

The training included course material from the MHCC’s The Working Mind and Mental Health First Aid programs. The focus of the training was to better equip Parliamentarians as employers and as community leaders to help identify indicators of declining and poor mental health in themselves and others.

The MHCC has reached out to the NDP to deliver similar training.


“We were thrilled by the response we received from the parties when we offered to provide their caucuses with mental health training. High-profile mental health champions allow everyone to see that the challenges they face are not only accepted but at times shared by those in leadership roles and that has an incredible impact on keeping mental health and wellness issues out of the shadows.”

—Louise Bradley, President and CEO, Mental Health Commission of Canada

“Like all employers responsible for maintaining healthy workplaces where individuals can thrive, Members of Parliament must be aware of, and sensitive to, the signs of those who may be struggling owing to a mental health challenge. The Mental Health Commission of Canada’s mental health literacy training is a valuable resource in providing Canadians with the insights and skills necessary to fashion work environments where everyone can contribute positively and fully.”

—Francis Scarpaleggia, Liberal Caucus Chair, Liberal Party of Canada

“Our Party is committed to promoting safe and healthy environments both for our staff and for our constituents. We were very pleased to receive this training so that our Conservative family can contribute to positively changing attitudes on mental health and wellness in Canada.”

—David Sweet, Conservative Caucus Chair, Conservative Party of Canada

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