Taking the Caregiver Guidelines off the Shelf: Mobilization Toolkit

The Mobilization Toolkit Documents

The Mobilization Toolkit is comprised of several different documents which have been separated for ease of use and printing:

  1. Getting Started: Background on the Issue
  2. Appendix 1: Planning Questionnaire
  3. Appendix 2: Planning Activities
  4. Appendix 3: Sample Letter
  5. Appendix 4: Sample Summary Document
  6. Appendix 5: Facilitator Guide
  7. Appendix 6: PowerPoint Slides
  8. Appendix 7: Recommendation Handouts
  9. Appendix 8: Telling Your Story
  10. Appendix 9: Meeting Checklist

In collaboration with partners and stakeholders across Canada, the Mental Health Commission of Canada (MHCC) has developed Taking the Caregiver Guidelines off the Shelf: Mobilization Toolkit (Mobilization Toolkit). The Mobilization Toolkit is intended to support individuals, groups, or organizations in their efforts to help others understand and implement the recommendations in the National Guidelines for a Comprehensive Service System to Support Family Caregivers of Adults with Mental Health Problems and Illnesses.

Published by the MHCC in 2013, the Guidelines provide concrete direction to system planners, policy makers, and mental health managers in planning, implementing and evaluating a family-friendly system of care.

A FAMILY-FRIENDLY system of mental health care is expected to optimally support caregivers so they can provide the best possible support to their loved ones while sustaining their own well-being.

The term family CAREGIVER refers to all those in the circle of care, including family members and other significant people who provide unpaid support to an individual living with a mental health problem or illness.

Knowledge MOBILIZATION is about using what we know works – research, evidence, experience – to help transform the mental health system.

More than 550,000 Canadians are caregivers to people living with mental health problems or illnesses.

The Mobilization Toolkit is designed to help promote the Guidelines with decision-makers who have the resources or authority to implement recommendations. It will help toolkit users to;

  • Introduce the Guidelines and encourage implementation.
  • Determine the steps to take for mobilization.
  • Choose appropriate activities and tools (e.g. when to use the slide deck, meeting activities, summary document).
  • Understand their role as a facilitator of this process.