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Roots of Hope is a multi-site, community-led project that aims to reduce the impacts of suicide within communities across Canada. The project builds upon community expertise to implement suicide prevention interventions that are tailored to the local context. It will lead to the development of an evidence base, including best practices and suicide prevention guidelines and tools, to support the scale up and implementation of a “made-in-Canada” model across the country.

The 5 Pillars

The Roots of Hope model provides structure around which communities can tailor their suicide prevention efforts to meet their unique needs. Communities develop strategies and activities in each pillar and implement these simultaneously. These include:

support iconSpecialized supports – prevention, crisis, and post-crisis services such as peer support, support groups (including self-help), workplace interventions, and coordinated planning and access to services.


training and networks iconTraining and networks – training and learning opportunities for healthcare providers such as physicians and nurse practitioners as well as community gatekeepers such as first responders, human resource staff and teachers.


suicide awareness iconPublic awareness campaigns – locally-driven campaigns to promote mental health awareness (posters, brochures, social media etc.) and collaboration with the media.


restrict means iconMeans safety – identification of the methods or places where a high number of suicides occur and implementation of measures to ensure safe access to them. For example, building barriers on bridges or at railway crossings, protocols for medication access and more.


suicide prevention research iconResearch – setting of research priorities, surveillance and monitoring and evaluation of the project.


Communities in Newfoundland and Labrador,New Brunswick, Saskatchewan, Alberta and Ontario and Nunavut, have signed on with more provinces anticipated to announce their participation.

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