Why mental health matters
As an organization, putting the mental health of employees at the top of the agenda is a win-win proposition. Mentally healthy workplaces can boost the bottom line, improve recruitment and retention efforts, and bolster productivity.

How the Mental Health Commission of Canada can help you
The MHCC has training and tools to improve mental health literacy at work and to spark game-changing conversations. We also have a blueprint to build psychologically safe workplaces that is adaptable regardless of your organization’s size or sector.

Find more helpful information and tools in the Workplace Mental Health section of our website.

Are you working in the Healthcare sector?
The MHCC has developed specific resources for you.

Are you working in the first responders sector?
First responders form a unique and resilient workforce, able to cope with some of society’s most complex and critical situations. As such, tools, resources and programs must be adapted for the unique culture and operational realities of first responder organizations.

Do you support employment of people living with a mental illness?
Research shows that individuals living with a mental illness are as, if not more, qualified, reliable, loyal, and productive than their colleagues who do not have a disability. Find out more about the Aspiring Workforce.