Connecting Canada while Supporting Individuals’ Emotional and Mental Health

Description: According to the Canadian Community Health Survey (2012), 10 per cent of Canadians have reported mental health problems or substance dependence in the last 12 months. However, individuals who accessed distress line services (e.g., crisis lines), had a significantly higher number of discussions about mental health problems and mental illness than the national average, with calls of this nature reflecting 20 per cent of all topics of conversation.

This webinar examines the role of distress lines in supporting individuals who are suicidal or experiencing mental health crises. It also focuses on the establishment of a national toll-free number, and how the Canadian Distress Line Network is working to achieve this goal. 


Elizabeth (Liz) Fisk – Executive Director – Distress Centres of Ontario; Executive Team, Canadian Distress Line Centre;
Karen Letofsky – Executive Director, Distress Centres Toronto;
Janet Smith – Program Manager, Manitoba Farm and Rural Support Services; Manitoba Suicide Line (Manitoba).