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SPARK Training Program

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The SPARK program

It can take several years to turn research findings into best practice, a process known as knowledge translation (KT).

SPARK training helps providers use evidence much more quickly to improve mental health and substance use outcomes.

Is SPARK for you?

If you’re in the mental health or addictions field and have knowledge you’d like to put into action, we invite you to apply for our next SPARK workshop.

We welcome applications from organizations or individuals across Canada, including Indigenous organizations, people with lived experience, family caregivers, professional service providers, researchers, and policy makers.

SPARK workshops are designed for people at a beginner or intermediate level in KT knowledge or experience.

How SPARK works

If your application is selected, you’ll attend a workshop to develop the idea you want to implement, with help from an experienced mentor. 

To help ensure your success, you’ll continue working with your mentor for another 12 months. When your training is complete, you’ll be armed with a fully fledged KT plan.

Please note: space is limited.

Learn more about the application process, knowledge translation, past SPARK projects (including blogs and videos), and the SPARK KT community.

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