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What is #308conversations?

#308conversations is a grassroots campaign spearheaded by the Mental Health Commission of Canada that invites each of Canada’s 308 Members of Parliament (MPs) and other community leaders to lead a conversation in their community about suicide prevention. Read the media release.

Why #308conversations?             

More tools for suicide prevention are needed. #308conversations is designed to include Canadians from coast to coast to coast in a national dialogue about suicide prevention.

Who is part of #308conversations?

Everyone who wants to be. Raising the profile of mental health issues and encouraging public discussion on suicide prevention awareness is a shared responsibility for all Canadians and across all orders of government. Given the success to date of #308conversations and based on requests from community suicide prevention stakeholders, the invitation and resources to hold a #308Conversations event have been extended to other community leaders.  Please see the bottom of the page for the list of resources.

Where will #308conversations take place?

In every riding across Canada. The goal of #308conversations is to have at least one MP-sponsored community meeting or one community leader initiated event take place in each of the 308 ridings across the country. Meetings that have been confirmed and are open to the public are listed here.

When will #308conversations take place?

Between May 2014 and May 2015. The parliamentary launch of #308conversations took place during Mental Health Week. Following the launch, MPs have been convening community conversations and continue to do so until May 2015. Additional #308Conversations events being hosted by various community leaders will be encouraged to take place between now and May 2015. Drawing on the input from #308conversations, the Mental Health Commission of Canada will release an interim report in the fall of 2014 and a final report following the end of the initiative in summer 2015.

What’s available to help you host a #308conversations event?

The format is for you to choose – a roundtable, a townhall or any other style that encourages your community membership to talk about suicide prevention.

MHCC has developed an event kit (resources below) to help you plan and host a community conversation.  In addition, on this page we provide a brief, half hour, webinar that outlines specific details essential to hosting a safe and successful suicide prevention event.  The kit contains the following templates and information:

  • Backgrounder
  • Links to partner resources
  • Links to postvention resources    
  • Discussion guide
  • Suggested agenda and tick tock for the event,
  • Public notices
  • News release     
  • Public messaging OpEd
  • Meeting Signage
  • Facilitator Questions
  • Power Point template     
  • Thank you letters for guest speakers